Neuro-affirming support and intellectual disability: where do we start?


Environments, interventions, and supports for neurodivergent people are increasingly billed “neurodivergent-friendly” or “neurodiversity-affirming”. Parents, carers, and other professionals are calling for “neurodiversity-informed” care. But what does this really mean? What do neuro-affirming supports and interventions look like? And how, specifically, should neurodiversity as a concept influence our care provision for neurodivergent people with an intellectual disability? In this talk, Holly Sutherland will explain why neuro-affirming care is so vitally important for neurodivergent people, especially for those with an intellectual disability; give some initial pointers on assessing whether a support or intervention is neuro-affirming; and unpack some of the challenges associated specifically with providing neuro-affirming care to people with an intellectual disability. (Invited speaker.)

Oct 1, 2023 12:00 AM
Holly E. A. Sutherland
Holly E. A. Sutherland
Doctoral Candidate